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DESIGNER: Ray Wright
BUILDER: Ray Wright Marine
OWNER: Lee Howell

Ray Wright boats were originally built in aluminium post WW II but in the 1950's they were made of fibreglass. They are mostly fitted with Ford engines -- 1600GT Cortina, V4 Corsair or the powerful 3.0 litre Capri V6 engine, all mounted amidship.

Their long-running Delta model was originally made from aluminium, large supplies of this lightweight and easily formed material existing in booming post-war Britain.
Beautiful though they were, corrosion and fragility issues meant that when fibreglass became commonplace in the late 1950s, Ray Wright recognised it as the wonder material they had been waiting for.

He looked to the Ford Motor Company to power his boats. Affordable and reliable power was the key, the 1600GT Cortina engine, the V4 Corsair unit and the powerful 3.0-litre Capri V6 engine being ‘marinised’ and positioned amidships.

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