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DESIGNER: Vincent Motorcycles
BUILDER: Vincent Motorcycles
OWNER: Dave Rogers

Vincent Motorcycles made approx 2,000 of these units between 1955 and 1958 and the original price was 120 pounds. They are thought to be the very first personal water craft.

Better known for their high performance motorcycles, Vincent tried to keep solvent by producing engines for lawn mowers, but their most radical design was the Amanda, making them true pioneers of personal watercraft.  It was named for the daughter of British business man, who brought the concept to Vincent.

Some bad luck struck the project; The sales team died in a plane crash on the way to the Isle of Man and a development engineer fell off during testing and drowned on a cold day in January. The New York Times reported the drowning and sadly a safety warning was put on the craft.

The Vincent Amanda water scooter is thought to be the world’s first personal water craft.

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