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Parade of Classic & Wooden Boats

Lake Rotoiti

North Island, New Zealand.

1960 to 1979



"Jan" 32' Kauri launch, designed and built by top Auckland boat builder, Brin Wilson for the late Sir William Stevenson and family for their use on Rotoiti. Built around 1960.
Length: 9.6 metres




"Kereru"  Owned by Buzz Rathbone & Gus Gardner. 32' Kauri launch designed & built by Brin Wilson.



  Owner: Richard Stevens. Built: 1962.  Length: 6.1m.
Built by the late Norm Keen for the late Chip Stevens of Hauparu Bay.
Kauri planked (carvel) construction with teak decks and mahogany cabin. Powered by original 75 hp Volvo Penta BB70 petrol engine (approx 1700 hours from new).
Caravel was styled after the Thames police launches of the 1950’s and design criteria included that the engine was not to encroach on cabin space, she had to accommodate guests in the cockpit or in the cabin (sitting headroom) without undue changes in trim and her dimensions were limited by the existing shed and cradle. Norm, a master craftsman, created this beautiful example of traditional boat building at his boat yard in Okawa Bay during the winter of 1962. She was launched on Christmas Eve and has been a familiar sight on the Lake ever since.

            Launch, Merit Award, 2005 Parade.


Length:18 feet,    Beam:6 feet,    Draft: 1 foot 8 inches
 She was built from a design by Eric Cox at Governors Bay in Christchurch
for a Mr J. A. White in 1960.
She was originally built as a gunter rigged diesel powered double ended motor-sailer.
In 1996 a new hull was built for
her, reportedly due to storm damage.
The boat was purchased by Allan and Ronda Clark from Mrs Gillian Marks in 2003 and a new cabin-top was put onto the boat. The boat was previously powered by a 10hp Volvo Penta diesel and has now been re-powered by a 9hp Ya
nmar diesel.
She is now being used on Lake Rotoiti as a pleasure launch by the Clark family.




"Queen Mary" Owner: Dave Glasgow. Length: 4.2m.  Designed and built by Barney Glasgow about 1960 in Laingholm, Auckland. Was used extensively for fishing and cruising on the Manukau Harbour.




"The Wooden Weapon" 
Clive & Sue Woodward. This Seaflyte 16' (4.8m) cabin convertible runabout was built by Dick Smith, of Seaflyte Boats, 17th Ave, Tauranga for Ross Peers & family in 1969. Dick and his staff of 1 built 60 boats in total of various lengths and styles with kauri or kaihikatea for frames, mahogany ply for the hull & solid mahogany & kauri ply for the top sides. After using the boat (originally named "Jeninda" after their 2 daughters Jennifer & Linda), mainly for fishing and water skiing around the Tauranga area, and after building a trailer for it in true "built to last" kiwi fashion, the Peers family sold the boat to the present owners in January 2001. The motor is a 1970 60 hp Evinrude with early styled electronic ignition and push button electric gear shift with electric start and choke. Armstrong tilt provides for lifting of the motor. A Furuno depth sounder was fitted and still works. This boat is in original condition apart from new canopy and outboard bracket. Used only on Lakes since Queens Birthday weekend 2001.


"Marissa" Owners: Sara & Philip Parker
Length: 8.5 metres. Built at Te Anau in 1970 for Mr & Mrs Fischer who used the vessel on Lake Te Anau from launching on 10-12-1971 until his death in 1987. Boat was taken out of the water in 1988 and stored in shed until purchased by Maurie & Karon Beckett in March 96. Boat was refurbished over a period of 15 months at Bluff and once finished was put aboard a container ship and offloaded at Mt. Maunganui then to Rotoiti where it was put into the water on 1-8-97. Vessel is made of D.D. macrocarpa. Powered by a 6 cylinder 365 Ford diesel. Paragon 1.1 gearbox. Cruise 10 knots.



"La Moete"  Owner: Hugh Marston. Designed and built by Carl Augusten in 1970. Length: 7.3m.  1st Owner, Jack Lopdell. Used mainly on Lake Taupo until present owner purchased boat in 1983. Has been all over since, but mainly on Lake Rotoiti.





"Scotty"  Owners: Reg & Annette Munro.     Designer: Hartley, Length 4.4m.  Professionally built for Hamills Marine in Whakatane in 1970. Purchased by the present owner, the 3rd owner, in 1985, Scotty was restored in 2000.




"Can-B-Dun" Owners: Steve & Pam Howard. Built for Mr. B A Waide of Mission Bay, Auckland for use on Rotoiti from his holiday home at Okere Falls, the boat remained in the family until purchased by the present owner in September 1998. The hull was built in 1962 at Tauranga. The 1962 Chev Belair motor with marine gearbox was imported and installed by the boat builders in late 1962 and the completed boat was launched in the Xmas of 1962/63. The cost of the hull was seventeen hundred and seventy five pounds, two and fourpence. At the time the boat was purchased by the present owner, the hour meter showed 633 hours - an average of some 37 hours per year. She is used extensively on both lakes Rotorua and Rotoiti for social and fishing occasions. Length: 7.3m.
Cabin Boat, Merit Award, 2005 Parade.



"Juanita"  Owner: John Butt, Built: 1974.  Boat used for water skiing plus fishing at Tauranga and from Lottin Point. A Pelin Nomad built by Ron Elliott. Length:4.9m





"Elva"  Owners: Sheryl and Malcolm Carter. Length: 6.1m. With help from his family as required, Elva was built by Alec Tripe at Te Rau-amoa in a well equipped farm workshop on his farm over a period of 3 years. He also used boat builder Ray Fink of Tamahere for technical advice and problem solving. Ray also came and painted the hull and later, the rest of the boat. The design is a medium vee Hartley which had the hull lengthened to suit the stern drive configuration. The transom was also made to angle steeper to utilise the trim of the leg and therefore not needing trim tabs. The Volvo 170.B with 270T leg was first run in the Waikato river by Roger Gill Marine of Huntly, where it was purchased new. The boat has done approx. 227 hours since she was launched in late 1977 or early 1978.


"Cherie"  Owners: Ivan & Judith Staite. Designed and built by Carl Augustin in 1960, Cherie is a 6.6m (22 footer) with a generous 7 ft 9 in beam. The flare in the bow carries back to the transom and gives extra space as well as a dry ride in choppy seas. The cockpit offers 1.8 metre headroom; the cabin equipped with toilet, stove and dinette, has 1.5 m headroom. Power is supplied by two Ford 10 series E93A motors, and fuel aboard is 25 gallon. The boat was purchased by Ivan & Judith Staite in 1994 after spending 4 years out in a paddock. Many hours of scraping, sealing, priming and repainting finally restored the woodwork to its original condition. Finally the whole boat was repainted and sea tests showed not a sign of a leak anywhere. A shallow V (8 degrees) at the transom and the well flared bow provide easy riding with minimum pounding, a quick lift onto the plane and a steady, straight running ride with good downhill stability. There are no on board electrics. Carl Augustin quotes Cherie as having a capacity for 30 mph.




"The Red Pig"  Owner: Ross Birchall, A Hartley Gladabout runabout with fibreglass over plywood construction. Powered by a 70 hp Johnson outboard. Built: 1970, Length 4.7m.





Unnamed. Owner: Don Parkes. Length: 5.5 metres. Built in 1960 by P.Vos. Don has been told that the boat was the first lake inspectors boat on Rotorua. When Don Parkes purchased her from Roger Gray, she was powered by a 2 cylinder English Stuart-Turner 10-12 hp motor. This motor, which Don still has, was replaced with an American Atomic 4 cylinder 22-28 hp motor which was in better order. Don has built a canopy over the boat but has yet to begin restoration.










"Macrocarpa" Owner: Rex Charlton. Length: 5.5 metres. Hartley designed yacht, built 1970.






"Lady Dee"  Owners: Colin & Peter Nunns,
 Built: 1967, Length: 5.7m. A Pelin Nomad.




"Pablo" Owner: Geoff Chater. Designed by Frank Pelin and built in 1968 by Gerald Coombes of Karapiro who used the boat with his family for a few years. He then sold it to the Karapiro ski club with whom he was involved. The club used the boat for some years and then she was sold twice before the motor blew up. The then owner sold the boat to his brother who pulled the motor out and then put it into a hay barn where it sat for 18 months at Rerewhakaitu as a home for chickens. The present owner advertised for a boat to do up, purchased it and together with Dave (his boss at the time), repowered it with a Leyland P76 4.4 V8 alloy motor and got it going for owner's 21st. Used for 7 years and then further restored without Dave who had been killed in a plane crash on 28th August 1998 at Honeymoon Bay. Flooring is of nickma ply, routed and filled with seka filler and marine oiled. Dash is hand sanded with 8 coats of polyurethane. Except for a cut and polish, the hull has not been worked on.











"Beckie" Owners: Colin & Irene Lichtwark.
 Length: 4.3 metres Hartley designed yacht.



"Thunderball" Owned by the late Roland Smith's family. Length:5.3.  Purchased new by Roly in October 1967, number 11 of only 12 built by Hamilton, the fibreglass "Thunderball" model was an American design, the same as was used in the film "007 Thunderball". She had the original Bel-Air 283 motor replaced by a 350 Chev in January 1997. The jet unit is a 2 stage Colorado 2B. She has been operated, for the last 35 years, mostly on the Rotorua lakes.
Runabout, Merit Award, 2005 Parade.




"Suds" Owners: Ron & Francis Sutherland. Length: 5.5. 1974 Hamilton Jet 53



"Rumrunner" Owners: John & Leith Menzies Length: 5.4m.The vessel was designed by Leo Young of Manurewa who built a number of similar ski boats in the period 1950 to 1980’s. “Rumrunner” is a “Drago” design of Leo’s built by John and Leith Menzies at Manurewa and launched in 1970. The hull is ply over kaihikatia frames, power is now a 1973 Ford 250 cu inch 6 cylinder petrol engine of around 150 HP driving a shaft propeller through a Leo Young tunnel drive. The vessel was owned by my brother and I for around 10 years and then sold. We purchased it back from the second owner in May 2004 and are currently restoring her to her original specifications. The original engine was a 1968 Ford Falcon 3.6 litre 6 cylinder rated at 135 HP. This engine was replaced in January 2005 with the later model 250 cu in Ford Falcon, marinised by Lees Marine Ltd. The vessel is around 18 ft long.
Runabout, Merit Award, 2005 Parade.










"Salty" Owner: Barrie Lee. A 3.5m Glass sailing dinghy designed by Brook and built by Salthouse





"Manu Rewa II",  Owners: Geoff and Joan Bracken. Builder: Fleetline, Design: Voyager,
Length:  8m.
Powered:  2 x 190hp Volvo petrol engines, Penta sternlegs.
Construction: Glass over ply
. Sleeps 4 .Full kitchen etc.
History: Built in Wanganui 1978
for William Polson. Later sold to a person in Taupo. Moored on Lake Taupo (1995). Sold on and brought to Rotorua where a fair bit if work was done on her. Purchased by the present owners in 2004. Now moored at Okere Falls.




"Blue Boat" Owned by the Laird Family since 1969 when she was purchased new, this Fi-Glass Lightening was originally powered with a 135hp Mercury outboard and was repowered with a new V6 Mercury outboard around 2000.
This vessel has done hundreds of hours on Lake Rotoiti over the years, being used mainly as a ski boat





"Aquarius"  Owned by the Churton Family, 1975 18' plywood runabout,
designed and built by Pelin.





"Thumper"  Owned by Kevin & Alison Butler. Designed by Glen L Witt and built in the 1970's of ply construction. Length: 17'3".





"The White Boat" Owned by Michael Marston and probably built in the 60's from a kitset design by "Glen L" in the USA. The model is a "Hot Rod" at 16'6" long. Glen L says of the Hot Rod design ... The Hot Rod is a tough boat intended for speed. It's been used in competition and scored a string of successes. Because of its rugged construction, the Hot Rod always comes back for more. She is an excellent ski boat as well. Pack in a big engine and connect to a reliable, efficient vee drive system, and that prop will really dig in and move out. While not designed for rough waters, your Hot Rod is still a safe boat when handled within the limits of its design. The boat is not only designed for speed, but also for ease of building by the amateur.
This Hot Rod was found under a tree in Cambridge and was green in colour.
She has spent years on Lake Karapiro and used for water skiing. She required extensive work to remove dry rot.
Now just one colour, white, including the engine and upholstery ... hence the name "The White Boat"
The 283 Chev has been fully rebuilt and drives through an M&S vee-drive.
Michael met a mechanic who did his apprenticeship at M&S (Mundall & Slaughter) and he said that fortunately he has the water cooled vee-drive as other versions eventually seized.
Michael would appreciate any information on the boat's previous ownership and history.  Email:  or 021 410 388



"Valkyrie" Owner: Daniel Topp. Designed by Tony Mason and built by Mason Marine in 1971, she is a 24ft Mason Clipper with a glass hull and Mahogany topsides. She was originally fitted with a Chrysler V8, but has been retrofitted with a Volvo Penta 290 stern drive in the early 80's. She has been left idle for 10 or more years prior to being purchased by the present owner in 2006.




"Snapper Trapper"  Owner: Ray Cooper.  1961 14' Karl Augustin kauri D/D glassed








"Paws" Owned by Sarah Uhl.  17' Venturer Trailer Sailer designed by Owen Woolley and built by Allan Clark 1976.










"Butterfly" Owned by Phillip Bennett,  6.45 metre ply over timber frame yacht. Designed by D.Nixon and built by Ellett, 1979





"Sharon" Owned by Rees Taylor, 16' Hartley designed yacht.









"Rapido"  Owned by Gary & Catherine Sigley. Built in 1976, a Jack Holt designed, 11'3" yacht built by Gary Sigley








"Zillah"   Owned by the Prior Family, 28' Pelin designed, glass over ply launch, built in the late seventys.




"iPod"  Entered by Peter & Vicky Manson. 1967 14'6" Canoe. Designed & built by Evert Metz (Snr)
'POD' was built in about 1967 by Evert Metz (Snr) who had migrated to NZ with his family from Holland. They settled in Wairoa and developed a successful bridge building and construction company. This boat was built for fishing and camping on Lake Waikaremoana. She was used both as a main form of transport, then as a tender/trout fishing boat and then more of a 'spare boat' once bigger and better launches were built.

The 'POD' is of strip plank construction using cedar strips each of which were glued and nailed. It has a flat bottom for pulling up on the beach. She was fitted with a Villiers 4 Stroke engine (Mark 12) which develops just
.2HP at 2000rpm - which is all that is needed to move her along gracefully.

A propeller was hand-made and the rudder is from an old motor launch. There is a 4:1 reduction gear box and a hand operated clutch. Steering is by conventional tiller but it is linked to a quaint but useful wheel mounted on the forward Starboard side. The Metz family were avid boat builders and many vessels from canoes to larger launches were built and used, mainly at Lake Waikaremoana.
Two of their launches are still moored there
, 'Johanna T' and 'Rawene', both iconic on the lake.




"Puff" Owner: Campbell Smith. Trailer Sailor, bilge keel and plywood construction. Length 19'6,  Beam  7'6,  Draft 2'.
Mihi, the trade name given by the designer. Of probable British design. One of three built in NZ. Sails by Nalder of Nelson.
Built in 1970/71 by John Thompson of Upper Plain, Masterton. Launched in Wellington, June 1971. Sailed in Wellington, Lake Wairarapa and Taupo. Later owned by the White family of Masterton. Owned since 1980 by Campbell & Judy Smith.
Sailed at Lake Rotoiti until taken home to Wairarapa for painting late 1999. Returned to the lake Dec. 2010 and relaunched in Te Weta Bay.





"The Boat"  Owner: Peter Didsbury, Length:5.5m, Fleetcraft designed by Mr Woodfield and built by Palmerston North Extension Ladder Co. in 1969.




"Allenessa" Entered by Jayne Humphries, Murray Maclachlan and Liz Gray.
24'6" glass over ply, designed by Richard Hartley and built by Ray Fink at Tamahere near Hamilton during the 1960's.




"Miss Acacia"   Owned by Graeme Frederick. A 15' Hartley designed runabout built in 1968 by David and Graham Church.



"Relic"  Owner and builder: Aldo Moretto.  A plywood with fibreglass over ply on the bottom, 15' Plylite Fisherman that was built in 1965 just south of Levin. It was used for fishing trips out to Kapiti island and the odd trip up the Manawatu and Wanganui rivers. Originally it had a Ford Mark 1 Zephyr powering it connected to a propeller. Clutch and all. It only lasted like that for a couple of years as it was a little under powered and the propeller meant landing it required deep water. So a Ford Mark 3 Zephyr 6 was acquired and installed along with a new Hamilton Colorado junior jet unit (100hp model). That is how it has remained with the odd slight change until this day.
About 7 years ago it had a full restore done on it. It was totally stripped and repainted. From a white hull with varnish top to blue hull with beige. Borer infected parts were cut out and renewed. The engine had an overhaul and navigation and interior lights were added among other things. It was
then given the name "Relic"
2009 it had another major refit. A ladder and ski ring were added. An alternator now replaces the generator which was struggling at low revs to handle all the added electrics. It has had a full rewire and new marine exhaust system added. Some fuel system modifications among other minor improvements. The old bow rails were taken out of storage and polished up and refitted along with a paint job touch up. All ready to go for another summer on the lakes.
These days it is housed in Rotorua and it spends all of its time fishing and pulling skiers on the lakes. Never misses a beat and gets along at 60km/h quite easily at full throttle. It is ideal in this role and perfect for the shallow lakes like Rotorua and getting through the channel. 



"Nola"  Built by my father D E Symes of Gisborne in 1960 from plans published in the popular mechanics magazine of that era.  Designed by naval architect W D Jackson she is constructed of Kauri framing & mahogony ply. She has a length of 13ft 6inches with a beam of 5ft 10 inches.  Powered by the original Scott McCulloch of 25 HP she does an honest 27 mph. She has been in storage for the last 20 years but now that she is 50 years old I have dragged her out to participate in your 2010 parade.




Entered into the 2010 Parade by Chris Cooper from Dinsdale, Hamilton. No details available, probably in this age group.





"Kayla Marie" Entered the 2010 parade by Mark Farrant, she is a 22' ply launch built in 1960.





"Weka"  Entered the 2010 parade by Mike & Jenny Lowe, 3.5 metre ply launch. No other details available.





"Superbird" Owned by Mike and Dena Plumridge. 6.3 metre runabout built 1977. Designed and built by Peter Morgan.





"Family Boat" Entered by Dan and Wan Baker. 18' runabout built 1965.  Designed and built by Frank McLeod




"Sunseaire"  Entered by Allan Simpson. 3.5 metre runabout. No further details available.




"Little Jimmy" Owned by David Beattie. 12' mahogany ply clinker and kauri runabout. Designed and built by J.R.Beattie in 1975.




Dave Churton and family in their Pelin runabout. No further details available.




"El Capitan" Owned by Tony Mitchell. 35' mahogany launch built in 1963. Designed by Chris Craft and built by Tanner.





"Pegusus" Entered by Peter Pittar. 7.5 metre launch built 1970.





"EM" Owned by Noel & Colleen Nicholson. 30' Kauri launch designed and built by Robertson in 1970.




"Ace Hi" Owned by Roger White. 20'6" Hartley Voyager built 1972 by Des Benson.
Originally fitted with a 253 V8, replaced with a 240hp 308 V8.
Shaft driven to a 3 blade 16" prop. Will do 40mph. Roger has completely rebuilt.





"Windsong" Owned by Jim & Shirleyanne Burch, a 27' Shipbuilders design, built 1960.




The following details are recorded but photos are required to complete the page.

"Sundowner"  Owners: Earl & Lorraine Cornes, Marlin Launch built 1965. Length: 4.6m

"Karavel"  Owner & Builder: Trevor Windley & Family.  F. Pelin designed runabout built 1975. Length: 5.5m

"Martia"  Owner: John Scudder. A 5.1m (17 foot) long speedboat circa 1960 powered by a Volvo 135 hp motor with a Volvo Penta stern leg. The boat was found under a tarpaulin.

"Blonde"  Owner: Alan Co-Flosan, Length: 4.9m, Built: 1975. Pelin runabout.

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